A landslide tendency


A new tendency in travel is appearing – and it is growing fast!

Everywhere you go there is a lot of people. Too much people! Wherever you travel there are hordes of Chinese tourists making selfies. The sights are crowded. The beaches are full. The streets are blocked with cars and the restaurants are full of tourists. It has become too much now.Conscious travellers are getting tired of all the people, all the tourists and all the traffic..


People now start reacting against the masses of tourists. Travellers are searching for places without tourists. The counter-reaction to the exploding tourism is to escape the tourist masses and find untouched places with local living and authentic experiences. Authenticity is becoming the new travel trend. And it will grow big – so big that it will eventually suffocate itself by leaving no place untouched or peaceful! Until that happens this new trend constitute a very interesting niche.

AUTENTICAL captures this new trend by serving the growing market for authentic experiences and original accommodation located in places that enable those authentic experiences.