Find the truly authentic. We can help you in your search for that perfect accommodation far away from the crowded tourist zones.

Mass tourism is not fun. We are here to assist conscious travellers with insight and unique accommodation options away from tourist destinations. We enable authentic experiences on your holidays. This in turn can make a financial difference in local areas not commonly boosted by tourist dollars.

You deserve better than ending up in a crowded place, where you are treated as just another tourist. Everyone has a right to experience the uniqueness of a local community and have an authentic experience on their holiday.

Mass tourism is both devastating and undesirable in so many places. It has taken over a lot of popular tourist towns and areas and a traveller can feel jaded and disappointed when they visit. Make a difference by staying and contributing in the smaller communities, where you are most welcome and you don’t just feel like another tourist

We assist you with local insight and helpful tips and unique accommodation for your holiday, where you will find special and authentic experiences.

Danish couple Rikke & Michael is Autentical

We have assisted travellers in finding unique and authentic experiences over the last 15 years. Our guests are always pleasantly surprised when they are not treated as tourists when they visit their local area. In these areas , they are respected and exciting foreigners. The locals are happy to show you their local area – they are proud of their towns and eager to share it with those rare travellers who venture away from the tourist areas.

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