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The little whitewashed village built into the rocks alongside the river; Enjoy your lunch under the rocks of Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is located in the Cadiz province, but not far from Ronda, which is located in the Malaga province. When visiting Ronda, it is advisable to get away from all the tourists and have your lunch in Setenil instead.

Be careful not to bump your head against the rocks when you go to the toilet! There are several restaurants built under the rocks and one of them has the guest toilet upstairs on the first floor – just below the rocks. First you have to climb a narrow spiral staircase and then bend your head when entering the toilet – there was no room for building a straight ceiling so instead the rocks make up the ceiling here…


Setenil de las Bodegas

You´ll see interesting architectural features in this picturesque town. The local homes are built into the rocks — like…. literally into and under… and around these huge rock formations! These sun-bleached but well-maintained towns celebrate this vernacular and ancient style of architecture… and one has, quite literally, a different perspective on these huge rock formations and it’s a feeling of time travel to visit a shop with this beautiful rock as walls.


Houses built into the rocks

Every year in November, the Spanish Legion “La Legión”, which has one of it’s bases in Ronda, makes a parade and shows off their equipment in Setenil de las Bodegas. La Legión has a very special parade style and makes a nice show, so if you are able to be there on that day in November, it’s a great experience.

Look up the dates for the annual event and a visit to this unusual town in the Fall would be well timed!

Parade of the Spanish Legion Parade of the Spanish Legion

The Trejo river flows through this beautiful village from where they emerge at a nearby cliff-face. A seat at a riverside cafe provides a perfect opportunity for a rest, some laughter, and a meal shared with friends!

Renowned for their variety of tapas and hospitable traditions, ordered items can be shared with your travel companions and everyone gets a deluxe sampling of the best from the menu.

Local tip: Order a variety of dishes to share with your friends like the locals!

The river passing through Setenil de las Bodegas


Three unique places to stay near Setenil de las Bodegas:

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Further unique accommodation



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Ever since childhood, I have experienced artificial tourist areas. But when I tried to create holidays with authentic experiences myself, I ran into big problems… It was deeply frustrating, I couldn’t make a living from it and I was afraid of losing everything.

I was weak and vulnerable – it was a painful time. But I succeeded in the end – and it is a fantastic feeling to know the secret to having authentic holidays. You can also ensure holidays without tourist crowds – fortunately, there is still hope!

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