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Andulusia is known for many things, especially its stunning whitewashed villages. With their whitewashed houses, orange tiled roofs, and colourful pots of flowers hung at the entrances, Spain’s “Pueblo Blancos” are the stuff of picture postcards.

Any itinerary for Spain must include at least a few of its picturesque white villages, especially when you get away from the crowds. One of these gems is a small village located on the edge of some cliffs known as Zuheros. Zuheros has been crowned several times as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

The village is located in the province of Cordoba, between Doña Mencía and Luque, right next to the Natural Park “Sierras Subbéticas” and near the abandoned railway lines known as “Vias Verdes”, which have been converted into a lovely footpath that takes you through pristine and natural beauty.


The “Sierras Subbeticas de Cordoba” Natural Park, bordering Zuheros, is a large nature reserve with beautiful hiking trails as well as many scenic routes by car. The beautiful chapel “Ermita Virgen de la Sierra”, a little unknown treasure that you may have all to yourself when visiting.

Higher on the mountain behind Zuheros you may find the bat cave “Cueva de los Murciélagos”, the actual location of this place is unknown to most foreigners. You´ll have to book here beforehand – otherwise it will be closed.

Zuheros is best explored by bike. As mentioned before, The “Vias Verdes” path runs right in front and below Zuheros – and is the best place to view and experience the pretty village. “Vias verdes” is perfect – both for cycling holidays and for a single bike tour on your vacation. There are great accommodation options along the railway lines – and lots of choices when renting bicycles.

The region is particularly known for its olive oil. The neighbouring town of Baena is the best known location for high quality olive oil in Andalusia – and the entire area is filled with olive groves as far as the eye can see. Try the fresh, green and fragrant local oil on a slice of bread – that is the ultimate ‘tapa’ in the Cordoba area.

Two nice accommodation options near Zuheros:

El Cortijillo (Luque/Zuheros). Remember that you found it on Autentical! Book it on

Sierra de Araceli (Lucena). Remember that you found it on Autentical! Book it on

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Ever since childhood, I have experienced artificial tourist areas. But when I tried to create holidays with authentic experiences myself, I ran into big problems… It was deeply frustrating, I couldn’t make a living from it and I was afraid of losing everything.

I was weak and vulnerable – it was a painful time. But I succeeded in the end – and it is a fantastic feeling to know the secret to having authentic holidays. You can also ensure holidays without tourist crowds – fortunately, there is still hope!

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