by Autentical expert Michael Madsen.

The village of Grazalema is one of the whitewashed Andalusian villages, located in the Cadiz province, but just a little north of Ronda, which is located in the Malaga province. It is a very nice village; It is beautiful and there are both lovely shallow squares, nice little restaurants and amazing rock walls in the background.

Street in Grazalema village

Street in Grazalema village

The stunning natural area in the mountains behind the village has been made into a national park and features incredible rock formations, waterfalls, gorges between the rocks, rivers and a lake. It is therefore also a very popular hiking area, although far from crowded; You would have to get lucky to meet many people here… There are several marked hiking routes – and even more trails if you search online at for example Wikiloc. This is where you can get really good nature and hiking experiences while at the same time be almost alone in nature.

Restaurants on the central square

Come to Grazalema on a week day in spring or autumn. Start with a coffee and a ‘bocadillo’ on the square in the village, then take a hike in the national park and end up with big dinner at a restaurant in the village late afternoon – just like the locals do it on the weekend. It is the perfect active village and nature getaway.

The whitewashed village of Grazalema

The whitewashed village of Grazalema


3 ideal places to stay near Grazalema:

Fuerte Grazalema. Remember that you found it on Autentical! Book it on

La Mejorana. Remember that you found it on Autentical! Book it on

Boabdil Guesthouse (Ronda). Remember that you found it on Autentical! Book it on

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