All over the world travellers have become sick and tired of the number of tourists at overly packed destinations and the crowded sights. Now, it is possible to stay away from tourists – where the locals live

Experience the uniqueness and the authenticity where hardly any tourists get to visit.

New trend: Get away from tourism and find the authentic experience

One of the charming streets in Andalusia

Unfortunately Travellers who visit tourist areas experience crowds, traffic, noise and even scammers

There can be large flocks of tourists on organised tours who rush around in hordes taking selfies.

It can get so bad you can feel like cattle being herded around. A lot of times this will spoil the excitement of visiting even the most amazing attractions and it can even destroy your holiday.

The holiday crowds start at the airport and then when you arrive in a big city or a coastal town tourists are almost everywhere.

Local vendors and street artists approach you in German or English asking for money rather than actually offering something – or even worse selling souvenirs that are made-in-china.

Nowadays you have to book tickets for the big sights months in advance because of immense demand

When you get there you have to queue up and are then led around in big groups every half-hour with specific instructions about where and when you can take a photo.

More than likely you will also need to wait for all the other tourists to finish their selfies and then you will be rushed by a guide or an inspector so that you stay in your group.

This is not our idea of fun!

New trend: Get away from tourism and find the authentic experience

The “Patio de las Comedias” in Iznájar

People love travelling and they love seeing the big sights, however more and more travellers are opting out of the cattle-like treatment they receive at these major sights. They are also opting out of being seen as a money-generating ATM to be taken advantage of.

Travellers are now longing to be away from the crowds, away from mass tourism and away from being treated like cattle.

There are several known methods of getting off the beaten track, for example staying in caravans or staying with locals.

These options are not for everyone. Many travellers prefer the privacy and comfort of renting their own accommodation without having to book a room in a tourist hotel.

Private apartments and houses are now available in less well known areas

These can include residential areas or in the country side, enabling unique, authentic experiences without joining the tourist masses and without being treated like cattle.

There is now a counter-reaction; a new trend of planning holidays in order to avoid the crowded places and escape the tourist masses. It’s about getting out among the locals and finding the truly unique, authentic experiences in the villages and in nature.

It is also about experiencing less known but just as amazing attractions often hidden further away from the traditional tourist destinations.

There are almost unlimited possibilities, if only you are willing to plan for them.

None of the major tourism brands address this new trend specifically, however there are many small agencies serving the authenticity-hungry traveller, particularly in Spain. e.g. Casitas, Spain-Rural and Finca Nature Rentals.

Recently they been experiencing a significant increase in demand from travellers seeking a place to stay away from crowded coastal towns and cities and towards the pristine nature and untouched inland villages.

The first brand to launch with authentic stays away from the tourist crowds is Autentical, starting with 7 destinations in Spain and soon to cover the rest of Southern Europe.

Other players, both small agencies and big brands will join in to serve this upcoming trend over the coming years, creating a niche industry on its own.New trend: Get away from tourism and find the authentic experience

At the moment there are lots of places to explore if you want to avoid the tourists

These places could be inland or a non-tourist place in a big city. It could be in an apartment or a villa in a residential areas where everyday citizens live – or in fashionable neighbourhood that has not been crowded by tourists yet.

The possibilities are endless for authentic experiences away from the crowds for the conscious traveller.

Get to know the authentic Andalusia