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Do you dream of finding that authentic hidden gem, off the beaten track away from the crowds and tourist traps?

We do! Portugal is an amazing country with breath taking landscapes it has many hidden opportunities for the adventurous or those willing to get off the beaten track. Small villages where locals still live in harmony with the land are dotted amongst ever changing landscapes. Here we can get to meet the local goatherder or taste honey straight from the hive. We value authentic experiences that support small local businesses, where you can relax - away from the tourist crowds.

Here at Autentical we would like to introduce you to the authentic Portugal

Experience The Authentic Portugal – Escape the Tourist Crowds

Too many tourists everywhere? The Algarve coastal towns can certainly feel that way. It is difficult to find a quiet spot and enjoy the beautiful coastline and sea views. We are here to guide you away from these areas of mass tourism and help you find a more authentic experience

Autentical offers you the chance to discover accommodation opportunities off the beaten track where you can taste the authentic Portugal and soak up all the wonders it truly has to offer.

AUTENTICAL Get Away From Mass Tourism

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"So quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Keep up the good work Rikke and Michael. Thanks for everything."

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In the North of Portugal you can escape mass tourism

Portugal from the North to the South is full of tourists but in the countryside of the North – inland it is possible to find peace and quiet with very few tourists.

We have selected a couple of authentic houses for you – here you can escape mass tourism.

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"Our stay was perfect!"

"We enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and the wonderful views all around. The accomodation was cosy and had lots of character, and it was lovely to sit out in the evenings and enjoy the views. We would definitely return."

- Deborah & Niel Binns (UK)

Lots of beautiful villas near the coast – but away from the tourist areas

The Algarve coast is crowded with tourists, they are almost everywhere. Hotels have been built side by side so it can almost feel suffocating. It is not a nice sight! Fortunately in the old villages and behind the tourist town there are some amazingly beautiful villas and much fewer tourists.

We have selected some super comfortable and spectacular villas for you – here you may enjoy Portugal and escape mass tourism.

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AUTENTICAL Get Away From Mass Tourism

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